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Bob Brodsky and Toni Treadway, have worked together since 1975 as filmmakers, technicians and advocates for 8mm film and given techncial assistance to thousands of filmmakers and production teams.

We are willing to try to answer your questions but technical questions in writing take time.

If possible, we prefer you telephone us. Each project or production is different so we need details to estimate time and cost. If you must email us, please include your telephone number and best time to reach you, even if outside the USA.

Please telephone between 9am-6pm EST: 978.948.7985

Brodsky & Treadway
P.O. Box 335
69 Warehouse Lane

We always track film in transit
as we work on unique camera original material so
please call us BEFORE shipping anything!

Email: We prefer phone contact, but if you must write, be prepared to be patient. Give us your name, specific questions or description of film, telephone, state/time zone and best time to reach you. Please telephone if you have complicated questions: please call 978 948 7985, hours 9-6 EST. Or contact us electronically by inserting the standard symbols into this address: Treadway at LittleFilm dot ORG Thank you!

For technical assistance on making and preserving 8mm films, please visit our sister site

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